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Fri Apr 17 03:45:28 UTC 2020


third time's the charm!

oops - I replied to the old list (I only noticed when I saw the Yahoo
link at the bottom the copy of my email that I got back). Then I replied
to you instead of the list. Either the problem is this web interface or
there might be a reply-to field missing in the list configuration. 

Thanks to you and Tobias for making this happen and having the archives
online again. I still have the mbox file for stanford/sun self-interest
list and it would be nice if it were possible to finally merge the two. 

In a doomed list, I wrote: 


> The writing is on the wall for our existing self-interest mailing list, which has been on Yahoo since 1998!

Actually, I put in Egroups because the guys running it were friends of a
friend. When Yahoo bought them I was sure they would mess everything up
and we would have to find an alternative. But it worked far better than
I expected and we were able to hang on until now. 

> The Squeak people have nicely agreed to hosting our mailing list - thanks Jecel and Tobias for arranging that.

I dropped the ball on that, so all the merit is yours and Tobias'. I am
stuck trying to deal with email through a web interface until I can get
Celeste running on 64 bit Squeak to handle my 2GB mail archive. If I had
a little more time I would be seriously tempted to do something in Self

Thanks for the new list! 
-- Jecel
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