Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Tue Jan 15 22:44:52 UTC 2019

I tried the 2017.1 version of Self on a Mac and it worked ok, but in
Ubuntu 14 Linux it keeps complaining that it can't find the Verdana
font. I installed that and it shows up in applications like OpenOffice
but it is a TrueType font and X11 doesn't seem to handle those (it is in
a directory that is not on the X11 font path).

Looking at the object x11Globals fontFamily, verdana is not on the long
list of fonts Self knows about. But looking at the fontSpec object
associated with a slot in an outliner I can see that it wants to use
Verdana 12 as its font. The replacement it used is very painful to look
at. Is this a simple preference that can be changed or is there coding
involved to fix this?

-- Jecel

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