binary slots (§ 3.2.3) explanation and how to add annotations/grouping (§ 3.2.5)

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I'm currently going through the Handbook slowly to get myself ready to 
make some videos for self-starters. The question about local vars last 
time was also in this regard.
Now I'm I'm stuck around chapter 3.2. I would (as always) really 
appreciate your help!

1. binary slots (§ 3.2.3)

I'm having trouble getting the example to work. This is probably due to 
the lack of my understanding.

(  |
       +  =  (  |  :arg  |  (clone  x:  x  +  arg  x)  y:  y  +  arg  y  ).
|  ) This will create a Slot object with a slot "+ arg (clone x: ..." I 
then create another slot object with a parent*-slot the the one I just 
created a parent2*-slot to traits clonable x-slot y-slot How would I 
call call + now? "self + self"? 2. Annotations / Grouping (§ 3.2.5) The 
handbook says, that the below creates a new slot containing a group 
"accessing" ( |
       { ’Category: accessing’
             getOne = (...).
             getAnother = (...).
| )

That's working so far. But it creates a *new* object. What would I do, if I would like to *add* a group / annotation to an already existing object?

Best regards

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