[self-interest] Re: beginner trying to run Self on Mac

itsnotgregg at gmail.com itsnotgregg at gmail.com
Thu May 3 22:04:52 UTC 2018

greggevans:self greggarthurevansgmail.com$ sysctl -a | grep maxproc
 kern.maxproc: 1064
 kern.maxprocperuid: 709
 greggevans:self greggarthurevansgmail.com$ sysctl -a | grep maxfile
 kern.maxfiles: 12288
 kern.maxfilesperproc: 10240
 greggevans:self greggarthurevansgmail.com$ launchctl limit
 cpu         unlimited      unlimited      
 filesize    unlimited      unlimited      
 data        unlimited      unlimited      
 stack       8388608        67104768       
 core        0              unlimited      
 rss         unlimited      unlimited      
 memlock     unlimited      unlimited      
 maxproc     709            1064           
 maxfiles    256            unlimited      
 greggevans:self greggarthurevansgmail.com$ 
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