Small updates

Russell Allen mail at
Wed Mar 7 00:37:19 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

I thought since the mailing list has been a bit quiet I might do some updates, partly to show activity and partly to prompt myself to do stuff :)

Activity happens on the 'dev' branch on and since the 2017.1 release I have:

* Made Morphic more responsive at cost of some CPU usage. The morphic framerate is determined by the full cycle of getting events, changing morphs and redrawing the necessary parts of the screen. What I did was tweak the delays so that 
- if events are coming in, the cycle goes as fast as it can 
- if events are not coming in, it goes up to 60fps if it can but no faster
but in each case, it won't take more than 50% of the CPU.

At least on my machines the desktop animations seem smoother and the system feels more responsive.

* Nicer looking sliderMorph, so scroll bars on text fields look more like the macOS rounded rect rather than a thin black line

* New copyTransparent method on morphs allowing simplification of intialisation code in a bunch of places

I also have accumulated some bug fixes:

* Fix to bug in damage logging causing dragged morphs leaving behind stuff
* Fix to bug preventing shadow being shown when morphs grabbed by hand on mac
* Fix capitalizeAll (Issue #124)

Assuming you have Self in your command line path somewhere, you can try out by:

> git clone
> cd self && git checkout dev && cd objects
> echo "desktop open. saveAs: 'dev.snap'. quitNoSave " | Self -f worldBuilder.self -o morphic

You will then have a dev.snap snapshot.

Have fun, Russell

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