beginner trying to run Self on Mac

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Fri Apr 27 10:25:27 UTC 2018

yes. I can now open the morph.snap via the terminal. Self Control still doesn't work even after a reboot but I'm not complaining. I would be quite happy to do a chat if it would help you figure anything out for future bugs. Is there as set of terminal commands that would otherwise be done on Self Control?  

 I am an Intervention Specialist (Special Ed Teacher) at a High School Trade School in Ohio (Cleveland time zone) I have put a great deal of my energy into the art of making things simple, learnable, and returnable.(pick it up again later) I have been recently checking out different language structures simply as a point of interest. When I learned about Self I could tell instantly that this is a language structure for the future. My plan is to move into this language completely and see where it takes my  programing and programing instruction. 


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