beginner trying to run Self on Mac

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Thu Apr 26 19:43:56 UTC 2018

ok i wasn't sure if i was supposed to quit and then run the second command so here it is in the reple:

 Last login: Thu Apr 26 09:59:30 on ttys000
 Greggs-MBP:~$ /Applications/Self\
 Self Virtual Machine Version 2017.1/13, Tue 16 May 17 10:41:07 Mac OS X i386 (4.5.0-205-gd942ba2-dirty)
 Copyright 1989-2016 AUTHORS (type _Credits for credits)

 for I386:  LogVMMessages = true
 for I386:  PrintScriptName  = true
 for I386:  Inline = true
 for I386:  SICDeferUncommonBranches = false (not implemented)
 for I386:  SICReplaceOnStack = false (not implemented)
 for I386:  SaveOutgoingArgumentsOfPatchedFrames = true
 VM# ls -al /usr/local/bin/Self
 Self VM error: no precedence for binary operator - please use parentheses on line 1, character 12
 Self VM error: unexpected token on line 1, character 13

 and here it is after I quit the reple:

 Greggs-MBP:~$ ls -al /usr/local/bin/Self
 ls: /usr/local/bin/Self: No such file or directory

 I guess it was the latter you wanted.

 I don't see an attachment you sent me. And will need a more detailed set of instructions as to what to do with it but I am certainly willing too. 

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