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Wed May 11 16:50:56 UTC 2016

 I'm interested in using JavaScript with the style Self uses: prototypal inheritance, not classical. This is a common issue in the JS community. What's lacking is understanding of the core Self "magic", why it's so successful.

 I asked about this as an Issue on Self's github page:
 .. and was pointed to this mail group.

 JS has good support for prototypal techniques. And several "champions" of its use. (Eric Elliot and Kyle Simpson are the best known)
   Eric: The Two Pillars of JavaScript
   Kyle: JS Objects: Inherited a Mess
   ..see Part 3 for diagrams: scroll too "The Whole Pie" & "Looks are everything"
 What it doesn't have is a Self-oriented guide, how to tease out of JS the success of Self.

 Specifically, I'm rebuilding from a JS dialect CoffeeScript to the newest version of JS, es6. I'm attempting prototypal inheritance but I bet I'm missing a lot!

 Any pointers to successful prototypal usage that would help JS succeed?

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