Questions about Self

James Noble kjx at
Tue Jun 28 01:44:27 UTC 2016

Dave wrote: 
> blocks are more basic than lambdas

The biggest difference is that lambda syntax (being functional) almost always expect an argument;
a function with no arguments doesn't make any sense.   Block syntax is optimised to work well in the no-argument case. 

> in Scheme cond is a primitive, even though it could have been done differently

the questions is whether you quote at definition side (Scheme) or use side (Smalltalk) 

Chris Double (hey two Kiwis in the same thread :-) wrote: 
> This is how the Pony programming language treats closures. They are sugar for objects with an apply method:

yep, lots of langauges do that, incl. Java.  The catch is: where does "return" return to? 


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