Blog rules - your opinion

Bystroushaak bystrousak at
Tue Jun 21 10:03:33 UTC 2016

In this thread, I would like to continue discussion about the Blog and 
the rules for the writers, without the burden of what was said in the 
discussion about my blog and about my sense of humor.

So: What should be the rules for the blog?

Clearly, the blog is owned by Russel Allen, which gives accounts and 
write access to people who ask for it, but I feel that there is strong 
group conviction of what should be part of the blog and what not.

Some people think that it should be used as „official“ communication 
channel, other people maybe think of it as a knowledge base, where post 
should be edited until they are perfect. I myself think of it as a 
publication space, where author's may write whatever they want, while it 
is still relevant to the Self. But my own idea may be distorted by my 
activities on other blog platforms (I've written ~80 blogs at

I would like to see your opinions about this, because I think it is 
important part of the dialog of what you really want the Self community 
to be.

I am convinced, that you can't expect people to follow rules you don't 
explicitly declare, so let's declare them.

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