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Mon Jun 20 09:26:10 UTC 2016

Dne 20.6.2016 v 11:08 Bernat Romagosa tibabenfortlapalanca at 
[self-interest] napsal(a):
 > Okay, rules:
 > * If you need to joke, choose your topic so that it isn't degrading to
 > anybody.
 >     Example:
 >     Cats → Fine.

Wait, wait. Twerking Beyonce and talk about dancing whores (without the 
reference to Beyonce of being such) is degrading? HOW? I just don´t 

 >     Nazis → Nope.

What is degrading about Nazis? There is jokes about Nazis all over the 
internet and it is definitely part of the culture. Also here in Czech 
republic, where, you know, Nazis actually occupied my country, oppressed 
my family members (and shot my grandmother to her leg) and built 
concentration camps (I lived 2km from Terezin and did go to school 
there), humor is how you deal with the history.

I just start to think, that Self community is some sort of gentleman 
club, where humor is not allowed.

 > * As a corollary to the latter: when in doubt, just talk about Self.

This is part of the problem. What IS a Self blog? I was under 
impression, that it is more or less public space, where anyone can just 
post email to the Russel Allen, ask for account and then blog about 
anything related to Self. There were no rules, no code of conduct, 
nothing. Nobody said even a slightest word of warning.

And suddenly, drama.

There seems to be some kind of misunderstanding about what the blog is 
and how it works. There are clearly people, who perceive it as 
„official“ and „professional“.

I would like if this could be clearly specified and resolved.

I don't want to troll or whatever, I just feel really lost in all your 
expectations and feels of what is right and what is not.

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