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Bystroushaak bystrousak at
Mon Jun 20 08:23:42 UTC 2016

Dne 20.6.2016 v 01:27 Russell Allen mail at 
[self-interest] napsal(a):
> Argh. It’s morning here and I am under-coffeed.
> This is a multinational mailing list - so far to my knowledge we’ve had
> Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and Germans giving their input.

There were also Chinese, Russians, Italians and at least two Czech people.

> In a professional and welcoming environment, which Self should be, the
> cultural norm is not to talk about contentious and possibly upsetting
> topics, or to talk in a way which will make people feel excluded. This
> includes trying to be aware of other people’s cultural norms as well as
> your own.

I fully agree. There is just one problem - you don't know what upsets 
other people until it does.

For example, now I feel upset, that (north) american moral codex was 
forced on my blogpost and violated my author rights and also violated 
spirit of their own First Amendment to the United States Constitution, 
because they felt that twerking Beyonce gif MAY feel unwelcoming to 
female members and using jokes with dancing and whores is tabu, or 

If I take this as a precedent, it means that there will be flame all the 
time when someone else write something (north) americans don't like, or 
think is offending. This also means, that user sections in blog or in 
wiki are impossible, at least without BIG list of rules and explanations 
on what is allowed and what not.

> The precise details of these cultural norms is a fascinating topic which
> I encourage people to discuss in depth in a warm and friendly manner on
> some other mailing list which I don’t have to read.

I feel like this will require a lot more discussion. For example, you 
take for granted that Self should be „professional and welcoming 
environment“. What does this even mean? What if a teenager comes to 
Self, how can anyone expect him to be professional? What about one 
female we really know was here - Albertina Lourenci. She wasn't 
professional not even a little bit (she was architect or something) and 
her long esoteric posts were actually quite annoying to read.

> Bystroushaak, I know you’re feeling defensive but the simplest way to
> get back to talking about Self is if you could just edit the blog post
> to remove the gif and reference to dancing girls. If you can’t, I’m
> happy to do it for you.

I did it, because I respect you, and because you are the owner of the 
blog, not because I agree. Also it would be nice, if anyone used the 
word „please“ instead of demands in form „I don't like it, you should 
take it down“.

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