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Sun Jun 19 22:52:35 UTC 2016

Dne 20.6.2016 v 00:30 Derrell Piper ddp at 
[self-interest] napsal(a):
> I hope I speak for most Americans when I say that joking about women
> being 'whores' is not appropriate in any context in 2016.

I don't understand. You don't have woman 'whores' in America, or you 
just don't joke about them? Is this some kind of a tabu? Or is this 
misunderstanding, that you think that I implied, that all woman are 
whores? (I hope I did not, but the language barrier is there, so I can't 
be really sure.)

Here, on the other part of the globe, dancing whores (and approximation 
of such) wouldn't be considered rude. My friend actually publicly 
stated, that he want dancing whores at his funeral several times and no 
one really cared.

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