Improvement proposals

Bystroushaak bystrousak at
Sun Jun 19 22:15:45 UTC 2016

Dne 20.6.2016 v 00:06 Tobias Pape Das.Linux at [self-interest] 

 > Not drama.

 From my experience, drama will happen now, when we uncover, that the 
rules are missing and we don't have common sense of what is appropriate 
and what not.

 > Just very inappropriate.

Why? Really, this is highly subjective and different across population 
groups and parts of the world where you live. For example, this is 
really mild compared with what I am used to.

 > Please do not do that again.

I don't really have a good model of what is appropriate here and/or in 
blogs, so I can't really guarantee that.

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