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Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Sun Jun 19 08:09:34 UTC 2016

Ok if you go to


Then you can browse the running Self image.  I realised after I uploaded it that I'd built without morphic, but everything else should be there

Ideas on how to make it better gratefully accepted, bonus points if easily implemented!


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> On 19 Jun 2016, at 15:49, Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com 
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> > i can certainly move it across to one if people think that would be 
> > helpful.
> No! It's great to *have* a github repo, but since we're talking about 
> long-term stuff, let's not make the *main* starting point a page on the 
> commercial site that's flavour of the month at the moment, no matter how 
> good it is.
> > Self has a mechanism to attach comments to objects and slots. I did a 
> > html interface to that, I'll update it and put it back online. 
> Yay! Yes please!
> Jason
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