Lessons learnt from the Self archive

Bystroushaak bystrousak at kitakitsune.org
Thu Jun 16 05:09:07 UTC 2016

Dne 15.6.2016 v 23:29 'Jecel Assumpcao Jr.' jecel at merlintec.com 
[self-interest] napsal(a):
> Note that the current VM implementation in C++ is just one option. Klein
> was a Self in Self alternative and it would not be hard to patch the
> Squeak Smalltalk VM to host Self, for example.
> -- Jecel

There was Self port to squeak called Marvin by Pavel Krivanek.


Pavel pointed me to Self, when we talked about Smalltalk. I've written 
him message with request whether he could restore the Marvin page, but 
he didn't respond yet.

Klein is on my TODO list, but I didn't yet had time to look at it. But I 
am definitely curious and it seems like wonderful project to me.

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