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Hey Jecel,

> On 16 Jun 2016, at 7:29 AM, 'Jecel Assumpcao Jr.' jecel at merlintec.com [self-interest] <self-interest at yahoogroups.com> wrote:
> One result was that the papers gave people ideas for their own
> languages, of which I think only Io (via NewtonScript) and Javascript
> had any impact.
Lua is also a bit Self-ish but I don’t know if there is a direct influence?

I find it interesting that neither of those languages adopted Self’s inheritance model which I personally think is an improvement on its successors, so to speak. I’ve never been sure if that was because the language designers misunderstood how Self worked (easy to do when working from papers only) or rejected it in favour of the other model.

> Note that the current VM implementation in C++ is just one option. Klein
> was a Self in Self alternative and it would not be hard to patch the
> Squeak Smalltalk VM to host Self, for example.

Before I managed to get Self working myself I did a small ‘prototypes in Squeak’ implementation. It was fairly easy as you say. There was also a Self on the JVM attempt by someone at some stage.

Nowadays there seem to be a bunch of possibilities for a new Self VM - Cog, PyPy, Truffle/Graal etc


> -- Jecel

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