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Maybe this is a stupid idea maybe not… 

when I have it correctly in mind we have a binary code cache. in this cache “all the past" combinations of parameters are stored as a different “binary snippet”. maybe it would be a good idea to make this accessible from the editor. So a kind of a "mouse over” for a parameter, which will show up which objects where involved in the past.

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> Great examples. But you omitted the source code.

and this I think is one of the most significant cultural changes between Smalltalk and Java -- pretty much a generational change.

Smalltalk people expected to read the source code,
ditto for things like MacApp, ET++, MFC, all shipped
with code and the expectation people would read it.
The Lions book is another example. Software Tools.

Then came Javadoc - and now people expect to be
able to read only the documentation. I do it myself:
read the code in Smalltalk or Self (or Grace):
read the doc in C# or Java.

a micro-paradigm shift if you will.


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