[self-interest] Re: documentation!

Bystroushaak bystrousak at kitakitsune.org
Sun Jul 24 19:13:52 UTC 2016

addAll: c

	- character? characters? copy? content?

mul: m Into: r

	- r? I have no idea.

fillFrom: c
fillWith: v
interpolate: p From: v

	- I really have no idea what the parameters is and what type.

printStringSize: s

	- The s is for string, or size?

remove: x

	- Is x the index or the character which should be removed?
	- Is it character or multicharacter string?

includes: v

	- Again v is probably value, but it is character, or string?
	  (Now I know that there is includesAll: c, but that is half the
	  page down hidden in the category.)

Dne 24.7.2016 v 18:07 David Ungar ungar at me.com [self-interest] napsal(a):
> Fun discussion! Would you like to name a particular method in traits
> string? I am curious about exactly what was confusing. I can think of
> possibilities, but am likely to just guess wrong.
> Thanks,
> - David

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