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Otto Behrens otto at
Sat Oct 17 10:28:00 UTC 2015


I'm a complete newbie, so please excuse. I have been Smalltalking for a
long time and would like to learn self. I downloaded the vm and Clean.snap
(on linux). I cloned and tried to run
the worldBuilder.self in the cloned tree. (VM#
'self/objects/worldBuilder.self' _RunScript). It's a bit hard for me
to read the stack that the VM spews out, but it appears as if my setup is
not correct. If you think it's useful, I'll send it.

What should I be reading first to get going? Should I read more in the
handbook first? Should I be put the files in a specific directory
structure? How do you recommend I get into self? does not seem to be up - browser can't

When I run the VM, the version it prints is "Self Virtual Machine Version
4.1.13". The handbook says 4.5 is the most recent version. Should I build
the VM?

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