[self-interest] zooming interface (was: Quiet in Self land?)

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at kathe.in
Wed Sep 17 03:02:21 UTC 2014

hello jecel,

your quick and dirty prototype for the user interface looks quite 
i'll surely get down to viewing the video and papers you've shared.

i am yet to read mr. raskin's book, most of what i know about his ideas 
is from my email exchanges with him, the rest is from reading his 
macintosh papers.
it's sad that he had to pass away so early, personally, i find it to be 
a great loss, his ability to express his ideas succinctly is sorely 

about 3-d worlds, i think, unless there's additional support for depth 
perceiving visual aids and tactile interaction and feedback, the 
experience of the 3-d world becomes quite painful and tiring after the 
initial novelty wears off.


On 2014-09-17 03:02, 'Jecel Assumpcao Jr.' jecel at merlintec.com 
[self-interest] wrote:
> Mayuresh,
>  > the way mr. raskin wanted it to be was to use zoomworld as a means
> of
>  > drilling down to the information you need.
>  The first few versions of Self were text-only, but the various ideas
>  included in the Morphic user interface were part of the project from
> the
>  start. Actually, even before the start of you look at the Alternate
>  Reality Kit:
>  http://www.open-video.org/details.php?videoid=8050
>  Based on the "artificial reality" ideas being discussed in the Self
>  group at the time, I wrote a short paper in 1991 about a possible
> user
>  interface:
>  http://merlintec.com/lsi/jpaper8.html
>  and soon after that built a quick and dirty prototype:
>  http://merlintec.com/lsi/gui.html
>  At that time I met Ken Perlin from New York University and he did a
> few
>  very impressive demonstrations of zooming interfaces:
>  http://mrl.nyu.edu/~perlin/
>  http://mrl.nyu.edu/projects/zui/
>  I saw that both the 3D GUI and the ZUI had interesting features and
>  complemented each other. A few years later I bought Jef Raskin's
> Humane
>  Interface book and it reinforced my interest in zooming interfaces. I
>  didn't see anything in the book that would make it seem that such an
>  interface would not be a good idea for Self. In fact, when designing
> a
>  user interface for a children's computer in 1999 I thought that
>  combining these ideas would result in a really nice product:
>  http://merlintec.com/pegasus2000/e_gui.html
>  -- Jecel
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