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https://github.com/adambard/learnxinyminutes-docs <https://github.com/adambard/learnxinyminutes-docs> is the markdown source for learnxinyminutes.com <http://learnxinyminutes.com/> 

It has a short single page description of a whole bunch of programming languages. It’s done at a fairly superficial level but it has been linked to by reddit.com/r/programming <http://reddit.com/r/programming> a couple of times and they seem to like it.

I’ve forked it to https://github.com/russellallen/learnxinyminutes-docs <https://github.com/russellallen/learnxinyminutes-docs> and added a first rough parse at https://github.com/russellallen/learnxinyminutes-docs/blob/master/self.html.markdown <https://github.com/russellallen/learnxinyminutes-docs/blob/master/self.html.markdown> 

If anyone feels enthusiastic and wants to suggest/make any changes I’ll push the page back to Adam Bard and see if we can add Self to the list!


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