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> On Mar 10, 2014, at 3:20 PM, "Jecel Assumpcao Jr." <jecel at merlintec.com> wrote:
> Michael,
> > If you want to say, that the statement,
> > 
> > "if you clone an object, the original becomes the parent of the clone."
> > 
> > is not just "rumours", but right in some way, I would like to understand 
> > this better.
> I am pretty sure David is saying that the statement is wrong. It isn't
> very hard to see where the idea came from. If you first read "Using
> Prototypical Objects to Implement Shared Behavior in Object-Oriented
> Systems" presented by Henry Lieberman at OOPSLA 1986:
> http://web.media.mit.edu/~lieber/Lieberary/OOP/Delegation/Delegation.htm
> l
> and then you have that very much in mind as you read "Self: The Power of
> Simplicity" presented by David Ungar and Randall Smith at the next
> http://bibliography.selflanguage.org/self-power.html
> it is *very* easy to see stuff in the paper that really isn't there. You
> have to remember that this is the extent of the experience that most
> people who discuss Self have had with the language. On top of that we
> had "SELF and the Origins of NewtonScript" by Walter Smith (Originally
> published in PIE Developers magazine, July 1994):
> http://waltersmith.us/newton/SELF%20and%20the%20Origins%20of%20NewtonScr
> ipt.pdf
> which reinforced the idea that the Lieberman model in NewtonScript had
> come from Self. I know that Steve Dekorte thought so for quite a while
> after having created Io based on NewtonScript. And people often look at
> the title "Parents are Shared Parts: Inheritance and Encapsulation in
> Self" by Craig Chambers, David Ungar, Bay-Wei Chang and Urs Hölzle (Lisp
> and Symbolic Computation 4(3), Kluwer Academic Publishers, June, 1991):
> http://bibliography.selflanguage.org/parents-shared-parts.html
> without reading the actual paper (and often not even the abstract) and
> it confirms their idea that Self uses the Lieberman differential
> prototype model. But Self's model comes from ARK (The Alternate Reality
> Kit by Randall Smith) instead where new objects are perfect clones of
> their prototypes instead of empty children of the same:
> http://www.open-video.org/details.php?videoid=8050
> In short: it is reasonable that people think that in Self "if you clone
> an object, the original becomes the parent of the clone." but they are
> wrong.
> -- Jecel
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