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Stephen De Gabrielle spdegabrielle at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:38:32 UTC 2014


I was working through the pie-chart tutorial in the main repository at
 / docs<https://github.com/russellallen/self/tree/5e8031667b5d549d4b4a6cec41e06aa97c3c9c45/docs>
 / tutorial<https://github.com/russellallen/self/tree/5e8031667b5d549d4b4a6cec41e06aa97c3c9c45/docs/tutorial>
 / Morphic<https://github.com/russellallen/self/tree/5e8031667b5d549d4b4a6cec41e06aa97c3c9c45/docs/tutorial/Morphic>
 / PieChart<https://github.com/russellallen/self/tree/5e8031667b5d549d4b4a6cec41e06aa97c3c9c45/docs/tutorial/Morphic/PieChart>
 / *Changes.html*
I think I did everything right but I am getting an error
'Lookup error, 'mapBy:' not found'

I believe this is a valid selector, but I am only just starting with the
this is the 'copyNewData: data'' slot' text

> | new. wList |
> new: copyRemoveAllMorphs.
> wList:
>         data copy mapBy: [| :val. w |
>                 w: pieWedgeMorph copyRemoveAllMorphs.
>                 w color: paint copyRandom.
>                 w amount: val.
>         ].
> new addAllMorphs: wList.
> new

I  checked the handbook, mapBy: is a valid selector

Any ideas where I have gone wrong?

Kind regards,


Stephen De Gabrielle
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