keyword to facilitate web searching

Jason Grossman spam-me at
Mon Jan 20 06:23:37 UTC 2014

Problem: Some languages are hard to do web searches for, in order to find examples etc. (I'm not thinking so much of the home page), because they have short, simple names (because they predate the web, like Self, or ahem, because the desigers fail to take my advice - are you listening, Nu? - OK, rant over).

Solution: I'm sure nobody wants to change Self's name, but now might be a good time to agree on a keyword that Google* etc. will index appropriately, that we can add to sites about Self.  How about selflanguage, for example?

If this is a good idea at all then the sooner we do it the better.


* Not just Google, of course. should be particularly willing to index Self Mallard.

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