Parent Priorities

Michael Paap michael at
Mon Jan 13 14:18:30 UTC 2014

Hello SELF-group,

some weeks ago I did read about "Prioritized Parents" "Parents are 
Shared Parts of Objects: Inheritance and Encapsulation in SELF".

Some unsuccessfull tryouts and some searching in the archive of this 
mailing list later I had to realize, that this feature is no longer 
supported in current releases of Self. And in "Programming as an 
Experience" I found some comprehensible arguments for the decision to 
remove it.

But... in the handbook (Self Handbook Documentation, Release 2 for Self 
4.4) in chapter 8.6 Lookup errors I found the following statement:

"The lookup found two matching system slots which means the message is 
ambiguous. The error message also says where the matching slots were 
found. Ambiguities can often be resolved by changing parent priorities."


May it be, that there is a relict of former times in the handbook? Or 
did I misunderstand something and the statement means something different?

Is it possible to change paent priorities, ad if so: How is it done?


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