[self-interest] Is there something in SELF like "become" in smalltalk?

Michael Paap michael at mpaap.de
Fri Jan 10 17:19:49 UTC 2014

Am 09.01.2014 18:31, schrieb David Ungar:

> Belaboring the obvious is not good communication, in my book.

Agreement in principle.

JFTR: In Java, I often recommend to beginners, that they should qualify
every method call with it's receiver, even it is "this", just to make it
explicit, that there is no such thing as global procedures. But Java is
another world. ;-)

> Yes, Self has a one-way become: it redirects all references to one
> object to a clone of the other.

Could you tell me, please, where I can find this message? I searches in 
the defaultBehaviour slot of the lobby, but it seems to be somewhere 
better hidden.


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