[self-interest] Is there something in SELF like "become" in smalltalk?

Michael Paap michael at mpaap.de
Fri Jan 10 17:10:51 UTC 2014

Am 09.01.2014 07:49, schrieb Randy:

> Interestingly, saying "self x" is kind of like using Java or
> Smalltalk's super, but one level down in the inheritance chain (which
> goes activation -> receiver -> recevier parent -> ...)

Thank you for this point. I just thought about that... wondering, if an 
activation is built with a reference to the receiver in one of it's 
parent slots.

> The only problem I can see is if you built your objects with x slots
> in both the method body and the receiver and had to use "self x" and
> "x" to denote which you meant, you're likely doing something more
> befuddling than beneficial, and you yourself might end up the victim
> of your own seeds of confusion. I suspect this is kind of what Dave
> meant by referring to puns being misleading.

I never intended to do something like this... I would tell this bad 
style too. I just wondered, why explicit messages to self are considered 
bad style, not the "reuse" of slot names. ;-)


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