Is there something in SELF like "become" in smalltalk?

mpaap michael at
Wed Jan 8 20:38:07 UTC 2014

Hello SELF-group,

I am writing a term paper about SELF and would like to ask some questions in
the next days.
I have got some years of experience in Java and some basic knowledge about

Mir first questions: 

1. Is there something like Smalltalk's "become:" in SELF? A message, which
causes replacing all references to the receiver with references to the

2. In chapter 2.3.4 of the SELF handbook explicit messages to self are
described as "bad style" because of the facht, that this would prevent
searching in local slots (of the activation object) before searching in the
receiver. Ok. But the only case I can see, where this would do any harm, is,
if a parameter slot of the message has the same name as a slot of the
receiver. Can you give me another example?

Thanks in advance,

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