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Tobias Pape Das.Linux at
Sat Jan 4 12:02:30 UTC 2014

On 04.01.2014, at 12:23, Russell Allen <mail at> wrote:

> Well it's in a separate branch at the moment. 
> But I think you are right. We should get a decent reasonably regular release procedure in place.

Probably, yes :)

> Maybe we should do a release called 4.5* with just your new build system, and then do 4.6 with this and any other stuff? Then we can maybe add any other new necessary primitives in one go.
> eg new built snapshots, OS X and Linux binaries.

This seems reasonable.

> Best, Russell
> * Or maybe we should go down the Ubuntu path and call it 2014.1 ... Sounds newer :)

Yes but it only makes sense if you can guarantee regular releases.
2014.1 and then 2016.1 would be somewhat strange. 
Also, a change in Versioning model should be well motivated :)

I think semantic versioning is still the way to go:

And hence, 4.5.0 (commonly 4.5) would be the right choiceâ„¢ ;)
So we should release a 4.5.0-rc.1 within the next time and if nobody complains (who should?)
we can go 4.5.0 :D

Right then, on to 4.6.0-alpha

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