Self on OS X 10.8

Chris Double chris.double at
Sat Sep 21 11:58:40 UTC 2013

I tried the Self download for OS X on but hit some
problems and am wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

The download page [1] mentions a 'Self' script being installed in
/usr/bin but I don't see it after installing. I also needed to download
and install XQuartz as OS X 10.8 doesn't include the X11 app.

Once XQuartz was installed the Self snapshot ran. Love the look and the
fonts compared to the Linux version! The two finger scrolling on the
trackpad for vertically and horizontally scrolling the world is also

I tried dragging a label morph from the morph factory to the main self
window and I couldn't drag it outside the bounds of the morph factory
window. Is this broken in the latest version?



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