Fullscreen support on X11 backends

Chris Double chris.double at double.co.nz
Thu Sep 19 12:55:13 UTC 2013

I've implemented the ability to switch to fullscreen mode in X11
backends. I've tested on Ubuntu 12.10 and it seems to work fine. The
pull request is here:


This provides a 'toggleFullscreen' method on the xWindowCanvas. Sending
this message will enter or exit fullscreen mode. In fullscreen mode the
window decorations are removed and the window takes up the entire screen
area, covering any window manager panels, etc.

A followup from this would be to find the right place to put
'fullscreen' in the right place for the non-platform dependent backends
and implement it for the Mac OS X backend.

To enter fullscreen mode froma desktop in X11 you can do:

    desktop w winCanvases first toggleFullscreen

Calling it again will exit. Fullscreen mode removes window decorations,
expands the window to the maximum size of the screen and displays on top
of any panels, docks, etc provided by the OS. It's a good mode for
kiosk applications or maxiimising the screen real estate.

Anyone want to tackle the Mac OS X side of it? Where would be a good
place in th UI2 hierarchy to place a generic 'fullscreen' method?


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