Debugging in the presence of error blocks

Chris Double chris.double at
Wed Sep 18 00:57:50 UTC 2013

I'm having issues with debugging and wonder if anyone as any tips. When
running code that uses error blocks, like this:

  doSomething: 'something' IfFail: [|:e| error: e ]

If the method has an error and calls the error block in IfFail then the
debugger pops up with a stack that stops at the line where the error
blocks is created (ie. the one above). It doesn't show a stack inside
'doSomething:IfFail:' where the error actually occured.

Is there a way to recover this information? At the moment if I run some
Self code that deep inside internals it does an [|:e| error: e] block
then I lose the context of where the error actually occured and only get
the context of where it is handled.


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