Packaging the Self VM

Russell Allen mail at
Tue Sep 10 04:08:50 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

We should probably package and distribute the SelfVM a bit better.

At the moment we have either build your own (with limited hand holding instructions) or download a binary which doesn't deal with its requirements.

(On 32bit there were basically no requirements so we got away with it... :)

I guess ideally we would have:

- nice downloadable binary for OSX. I can do this.
- nice easy apt-get install and yum install for Ubuntu and RedHat families which make sure all prereqs are OK
- a clean explanation of how to compile your own (which Tobias has mostly done already)

Anyone have experience on getting apps into the standard repos of the major Linux distributions who could help out or give pointers?

Also what about the snapshot? Should it go in the app bundle with the VM or download separately? It's likely to change more often (famous last words!)


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