New version of Pooi

Baltasar baltasarq at
Thu Apr 18 21:39:09 UTC 2013

Hi, Selfers:

I have talked here, some time ago, about Pooi, an interpreter much in the same line than Self:

This is a program I mostly code in my spare time, not a real research project.
Anyway, I've added method support to Pooi. The [new] syntax is the same one as in infix arithmetic operations.

For this version (0.8), I've put some emphasis in stability and also have added syntactic sugar for 'obj set "x" 10' which can be entered more naturally as: 'obj.x = 10', obviously regardless of whether x exists in obj or not (it will be created if not).

For example, you can try it by entering the following instructions:

(anObject copy) setName "TraitsRectangle"

TraitsRectangle.str = {: ((self.side1 str) + ", ") + (self.side2 str) }

TraitsRectangle.area = {: self.side1 * self.side2 }

(TraitsRectangle createChild) setName "Rectangle"

Rectangle.side1 = 0
Rectangle.side2 = 0

(Rectangle copy) setName "r1"

r1.side1 = 5
r1.side2 = 6

r1 area

r1 str

As you can see, it is very much like Self.
Hope you like it.
Give it a try and tell me if you like it!



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