[self-interest] UI2 stepProcess infinite blowup and the dangers of not cloning [1 Attachment]

Jason Grossman spam-me at xeny.net
Sat May 26 02:10:03 UTC 2012

Interesting point about debugging.  Thanks!

Are you going to show us your web server code?


On 25/05/2012, at 11:42 pm, David Goehrig wrote:

> [Attachment(s) from David Goehrig included below]
> So I was trying to shoot a screen cast last night of a web server project in Self I wrote and after making some modifications to my image that seemed innocuous I ended up with a blowup in UI2 stepProcess, in which right clicking on basically any element triggers an "Error: first is absent": 

> ...

> Well list rep needs to point to a link that points to itself... done...
> Wow right clicking on anything works again... woot!
> I wish I had this entire thing on the screen grab, but I don't.  It would have demonstrated how incredibly cool Self is where you can debug and alter a live image in the image itself even when you shoot yourself in the foot.
> Dave

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