[self-interest] [vm][newbie] "hidden classes"

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Wed Apr 4 19:06:39 UTC 2012

Am 2012-04-04 um 21:03 schrieb Casey Ransberger:

> I'm curious about a term I heard awhile back while digging through the v8 docs, "hidden classes." The gist was that the VM would effectively implement an (anonymous, it seems) class to shorten method lookup. I have trouble visualizing how that actually helps, and it's been bugging me. 
> I may have completely misunderstood, though. I don't have a whole lot of real experience with prototypes. 
> Sorry about all the exposition. Here's my actual query: is this an idea that came from the Self VM, and if so, what papers/code should I read to grok it?

“An Efficient Implementation of SELF, a Dynamically-Typed Object-Oriented Language Based on Prototypes”
The term you are looking for there is “maps”


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