Error: module object: <0> has no name .

Mildred Ki'Lya mildred593 at
Mon Sep 5 15:55:12 UTC 2011

Hi again,

I'm trying to hack the klein application, and I added a new
"assemblerSystems llvm" object. I set its parent* to "assemblerSystems
framework" and set the slot parent* to be in a new module asmLLVM which I
set to be a child of asmKit.

Everything seems fine. If I look at the changed modules, I get asmKit and
asmLLVM. I both write them to the disk and close the image.

Next session, I load the klein/vmKits.self file (I suppose it's the parent
module for all other modules) ... and I get a strange error:

Error: module object: <0> has no name .
Receiver is: a slots object.

Apparently, a new module got inserted in the registery ... If I look at the
offending object, it seems to be a rightful module except the window says "a
slots object". But it looks like any module out there, including parent*
The call on "name" happens in an ascendingOrder message.

The problem is that this exception prevents me from getting the list of
changed modules, and saving them. I don't know how I could fix this.


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