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Mildred Ki'Lya mildred593 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 12:04:12 UTC 2011

> Over the last two days, I found out about Klein, but the project seems
> dead, isn't it? I just looked at the source tree on github and there are C
> source files, If it's supposed to be written in Self, then I don't
> understand their purpose.
> The C code is there for the Debugger, Klein was designed to be able to Run
> on one Machine and Debug another, to do this it needs a little helper if
> anything goes wrong and you, for example break the JIT, in this case you
> need to fall back to a other native piece of code that is written in C, but
> I think if Klein was finished it would be easy to write that debug server in
> Self.

Ok, thanks.

So probably, I'd need this cone at one point if I'm playing with Klein. The
problem is that's an Xcode project, and there is no makefile. I'll see that
if I need it.

> As far as I can think, the VM itself can't be written in a language that
> requires a VM. Or else, we'd need to maintain that VM itself. The only way
> is to get a compiler for Self.
> You underestimate the Self System a bit here, it was the one that developed
> the Java JIT Hotspot stuff, before it it became that.
> Klein is basically a Self compiler, yes it is also a VM, but with JIT now
> supported by most other languages it's not so uncommon anymore ;)
> What it does when bootstrapping the VM is basically emitting the JIT code
> and then deep freezing it by statical linking and exporting to a file.

That's what I thought after I found the 2005 paper describing Klein.
Apparently, there is a PPC assembly backend that works, i386 and sparc
modules. Basically, what is needed is a llvm backend so it could be cross

> Thank you for the pointers, I already started my own compiler based on the
> syntax rules on the Self website, but these might be interesting.
> Afaik there is also a Parser generator written in Self in the Klein bundle,
> I don't know if it is mango or yoda ^^, one of the two ;)

Yoda I think.
I think i'll work with klein rather than developing everything again.


Mildred Ki'Lya
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