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I am becoming very interested in the Self language, that I just discovered
fully. This is my dream language, the one that I tried to imagine over and
over again. At least, it appears as such. I downloaded the version for linux
but the user interface in the VM is absolutely awful. The text overlap and
it is close to unusability. Am I doing things wrong or is that the current
state of the VM?

I am working in my spare time in a compiler for the Lisaac language. The
Lisaac language tried to mimic Self (poorly in my very recent opinion) using
Eiffel concepts like static typing. You can find it at

I started reading out Self documentation because while implementing
inheritance in Lisaac, I find it poorly defined. I wanted to understand the
source of the prototype based inheritance. Doing so, I discovered a
completely new and interesting world. Since very recently, my new goal is to
create a very simple compiler for Self (that I hope compatible with current
Self code) that targets LLVM. I don't plan on doing complicated
optimization, just to have a compiler to get started. Then bootstrap the
compiler by rewriting it in Self, and then, finally, improving on it. My
dream is to get a system where the Self VM could be written in the same
dialect of Self. Not in C/C++/Whatever, and not in  restricted dialect.

The only thing that I might not include in the Self compiler is all the
introspection primitive. Some might be ok, but other might not be doable.
You'd just be able to clone objects, and that's all.

So, right now, I'm lookinf for parsers for Self, but I might do it myself. I
don't think the syntax is that complicated.


Mildred Ki'Lya
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