[self-interest] A few questions from a smalltalker

Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Wed Oct 26 01:31:42 UTC 2011

On Tue, 25 Oct 2011 11:23:02 -0700, David Ungar wrote:
> I noticed that shells can both DoIt and GetIt stuff, but not PrintIt.
> Does this respond to some design principle?
>  You can print by getting the string of something but it isn't as
>> common an idiom as you can get a manipulable reference to the
> object
>> itself just as easily. You can always ask an object for it's
>> symbolic form, but it needs the behavior to return that. Since
> there
>> is no base Object class, there is no guarantee suck a method
> exists.
>> Yes. You can send printString or print to many objects.

Hi Bernat!

Sending print or printLine to many objects will print to stdout.

If you have started Self from the command line on Linux or Mac then 
you'll see it in the terminal you started Self from. If you've started 
Self on Mac by double-clicking a snapshot, then it will probably 
disappear into the ether and you're better off using GetIt.

May I ask which platform and what snapshot you're using?

- Russell

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