oopsla / splash

Thorsten Dittmar thormar at me.com
Sun Jan 16 13:43:07 UTC 2011

hello folks,

some of you will remember the good old days.... it was 1986 when oopsla was held the first time and it was in portland, oregon. this year it will be again in portland. my god, it is already 25 years ago. during the last 25 years we saw a lot of goods things raising up, unfortunately most of them disappeared again. as most of us will agree, quality is not really the success factor in our business. maybe because of the fact that the people who are signing the bills, don't know anything about software development. how ever, the c++ guys now agree, that a garbage collector and JIT complier makes sense and they switched to java. in 25 years from now on their arrays will start at 1 and their sentences will end with a . and not with a ;  maybe they will call this language then redbull. we will see.

will anyone join the oopsla/splash in portland?

best regards


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