[self-interest] UnitTests

Josh Flowers joshflowers at mac.com
Wed Jan 12 03:12:19 UTC 2011

> Can you give 'us' a url, again.  'us' is very difficult to google.  
> Thanks!
> David

This one appears to be easier asked than answered.  I've been looking 
for the better part of an hour and the closest I've come is a post by 
Jecel to this mailing list... complaining that the paper has been lost 
to the mess of the internet:


Hopefully someone has a copy handy, or this list has better finders 
than me.

The little bit I have found reads that Us was an attempt to build a 
Self system where object behavior could change based on the
sender of a message.  I've always wondered how that might look and
feel - was there ever an implementation of Us?  Or did it only make
it to the 'good idea looking for a grant' stage?


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