[self-interest] Questions about implied self

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Thu Feb 17 09:36:30 UTC 2011


> I may be suffering from flatulent gray matter; I read this in the handbook, section 2.3.3:
> Associativity. Keyword messages associate from right to left, so
> 5 min: 6 min: 7 Max: 8 Max: 9 min: 10 Max: 11
> is interpreted as
> 5 min: (6 min: 7 Max: 8 Max: (9 min: 10 Max: 11)) 

You are probably right and it is my memory that is incorrect. I thought
that something like "5 min: 6 min: 7" would be considered a syntax error
and you would be forced to add parenthesis to get it to parse (another
small Self/Smalltalk-80 difference: what is called the compiler in
Smalltalk-80 is known as the parser in Self so that the term compiler
can be used for the bytecode-to-machine code translator).

Looking at my 1993 tinySelf 0 code, I see that it would indeed parse the
above as "5 min: (6 min: 7)" without any errors. So at one time I knew
this :-)

Sorry about the confusion,
-- Jecel

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