Questions about implied self

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at
Wed Feb 16 23:40:23 UTC 2011

I'm feeling a bit cross-eyed. Please have mercy if any of these questions are particularly uninformed. 

So keyword messages eval right to left such than one needs to type less parens? I think this might explain why I've been having trouble typing in expressions that parse; I was under the impression that the capitalization trick took care of that, so, thinko there on my part. 


while I'm getting used to that, can I type the parens and then organize the message chain with the keyword parts left to right like I'm used to?

Is the capitalization trick a syntactic req'ment in every case, or only in the case of disambiguating statements that suffer ambiguity resulting from the implied self?

If I were to use an explicit self, does Smalltalk message syntax work in most cases? 

Is there a semantic difference between the implied self and the explicit self?

I haven't encountered a "cascade message" yet; do these exist in Self? Does the cascade syntax stop being useful when the receiver is usually self and self is usually implied?

I'm having a complete ball exploring Self. The object model is stunningly beautiful, and the Outliner is about the most refreshing thing I've seen in UI since discovering the halos in Squeak. 

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