Please help with SELF installation

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Wed Feb 9 23:56:23 UTC 2011

Hello there. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I do not know how to program 
in smalltalk or apl. I am a vb programmer. The reason I want to try out SELF 
first is that I wanna experience how to program it, so I'd understand its 
semantics and syntax.


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Can't help you too much, but if you want to be clever, write it in a dynamic 
language like APL or Smalltalk! (Or Lisp...) 

- David 

On Feb 9, 2011, at 3:40 AM, Prescilla wrote: 

> Hello there. My name is Ms. Prescilla and I am writing to ask for help 
> with SELF installation. I have been searching the web for days now 
> trying to find help with the installation but to no avail. 
> I have not used SELF before and I need to try it now because I am 
> required (school project) to write an interpreter for it. 
> I am currently using Ubuntu 9.10. I have downloaded the self VM and 
> snapshot installers from this link: 
> I have downloaded Self-4.4.tar.gz and Demo.snap. When I extracted the 
> Self-4.4.tar.gz, I got a folder with 4 files in it: ._INSTALL, 
> .INSTALL, .SELF and ._SELF. I tried to open/run all 4 but nothing 
> happened. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I am missing 
> something. 
> Please if anyone can help me, please please send me a message. I would 
> really really appreciate it. 
> Thank you and have a nice day. God Bless. 
> Prescilla 
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