How to select multiple labelMorphs

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Tue Feb 8 14:57:21 UTC 2011

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> Duke Normandin schrieb:
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> > Hello Self-ers
> > 
> > I'm in the Demo snap wanting to again work through the mini-tut about
> > Slots object (the bank account example). However, these tires old eyes
> > need to change the font and font-size.
> > 
> We've been through that here, just half a year ago, or so.
> Save the attached file to morphicFacelift.self besides your snapshot.
> Then start a Clean.snap and evaluate:
> bootstrap
> 	read: 'morphicFacelift.self'
> 	From: '.'.
> ...delete all morphs and finally, save the snapshot with bigger fonts
> for future use.

Thanks, Thomas! I'll do the "system" upgrade that you propose above!

However, that was _not_ my question. :) I want to know how I would select a complete "block" of text (or labelMorphs I guess), and change the font and font-size for that block! Is that possible?

Regardless, the whole "facelift" thing sounds good to me, and I'm off to "Do it" :) Thanks again!

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