How to select multiple labelMorphs

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Mon Feb 7 21:35:13 UTC 2011

Hello Self-ers

I'm in the Demo snap wanting to again work through the mini-tut about
Slots object (the bank account example). However, these tires old eyes
need to change the font and font-size.

I've right-clicked on a line of text in the first apropos Morph and
used "Submorphs" to get another menu with the "labelMorph" or "morph"
options. There's a crosshair across the entire "text morph" window (I
don't know if I said that correctly). If I click on "labelMorph" I
only get the line where the cursor (crosshair?) is located. How do I
select _all_ the lines of text (labelMorphs), so that I can change the
font and font-size all at once?

I tried looking for a parent* prototype from which this text would
inherit the font and font-size, but do you think that I can find it?
No bloody way! :) I'd be grateful for any help you folks would send my
way, if and when time permits. TIA ...

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