Self (and OOP) noob says Hi!

cgnormandin dukeofperl at
Wed Feb 2 16:35:29 UTC 2011

Hello Russell ....

> Are you using the Demo.snap snapshot or the Clean.snap
> snapshot?
> Playing with the world in Demo.snap might help you.

My bad! I've been using the Clean.snap - for no particular reason.
I'll try reading the tutorial along with the Demo.snap and see how
that goes for me.

BTW, for some reason, your message that I'm replying to is rendered
all jumbled up in "reply mode", both here on the forum, and at home
on my 'Alpine' MUA. Yahoo must be doing something to the messages
that is sub-optimal. ;) Anybody else experiencing this behaviour?

Anyway, thanks for the examples! They'll come in handy.

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