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On 13/12/2011, at 7:53 PM, baltasarq <baltasarq at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Personally I'd like to try baking SQLite into the VM and making snapshots actual databases including the saved objects. That gives us easy versioning and ability to create baked in object databases, while still retaining a single file snapshot with all its advantages, including the advantage that a wide variety of third party tools could read it in a pinch.
> Yep, probably this is offtopic, but for me, the need of working in a so-called snapshot is, by far, the worst feature of Self.	
My plan isn't to remove the need for snapshots but to make them more powerful...

But you don't need a snapshot to work from Self. You can build worlds easily from the Github source tree, and can edit your programs easily in your favourite text editor, if you want.


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